Create new rooms in your home with loft conversions in Liverpool

LJP builders offer the best loft conversions in Liverpool thanks to our vast wealth of experience and craftsmanship. We offer a free 1 hour no obligation consultation to very client so that we can work together to make the most out of your loft by converting it or creating more space.

Loft conversions is a popular method to make more space from the awkward space a loft can sometimes be. With our expert architects we can help maximise your loft to fit whatever brief you have; whether it’s a new bedroom, a home gym, study and everything in-between.

Our loft conversion service not only covers the actual building work but also the hassle of getting planning permission and submissions. This makes converting your loft with LJP builders hassle free from start to finish.

All of our loft conversions are bespoke and we encourage as much input from yourselves as possible. If you don’t like a particular idea, we won’t do it. If there’s a certain feature you really want then we will strive to make sure it gets done.

If you’ve been thinking of a loft conversion in Liverpool for your property but were unsure how to go about it or worried about the cost then worry no more. LJP Builders can help you get the dream loft you’ve been wishing for.

Why Convert Your Loft?

Converting your loft is a fantastic way to create space in your house without actually attaching anything new to it. For many homes a loft is unused space that may little more than insulation and last year’s Christmas tree. Whether you’re in Liverpool or anywhere else in the North West a loft conversion can revitalise your home and improve its value. Here are some of the most popular reasons our happy clients have converted:

  • Create a new bedroom

Many people don’t want to move home either because of the current state of the market or simply because they are very happy with the house they have and the area they’re in; they just want more space – often due to a new baby or children outgrowing sharing a bedroom.

  • Creating a study

Everyone needs somewhere they can get away from it all, particularly in a busy house, which is why many people want to convert their loft into a study or a ‘chill out’ room. We have converted hundreds of Liverpool lofts into a tranquil sanctuary where people can just relax.

  • Improve the value of the house

Loft conversions are the number one improvement you can do to improve the value of the house, more than conservatories, new bathroom and even the kitchen. Yes, it’s true, a loft conversion can improve your house value by up to 12.5% which often gives the home owners their money back or even a profit! This is why loft conversions are so popular.

What’s Involved with a Loft Conversion?

Attic or loft conversions in Liverpool and everywhere else do not require planning permission as it doesn’t impede on anyone’s land or home – this makes it a hassle free experience and you are free to plan it anyway you like. However, some attics and lofts can be an odd layout or have protruding features which can make some more specific requirements more difficult.

This where LJP Builders come in, our experienced designers, architects and general builders can come and have a look at the space available, your requirements and what we can do to make it work. Happy clients makes us happy, because of that we offer –

  • Full itemised quote before any work commences to make sure the cost doesn’t escalate.
  • No large deposit to pay
  • a schedule of work will be provided and work will be completed on time.
  • Full introduction of all of our professionals to make sure you are comfortable with us working in your home.

From the brief follows the designs and once you’re happy we can get to work. We make sure to cause as little disruption as possible and we always tidy up after ourselves. We will listen to your input at every step of the way to make sure the end result is a new room you love.

Things You Can Do With Your Loft

Getting a loft conversion  in Liverpool will provide homeowners with another room in the house. With this new space, they will be able to make some additions to the home. Here are some of the great things you might be able to add to your home with a loft conversion:

Guest Bedroom

Homeowners who regularly have guests visiting but have to force them to sleep on the couch for lack of space may consider converting their loft into a guest bedroom. With a good makeover and the usual bedroom furnishings like bedside cabinets you will be able to create a great place for guests to sleep over. Even if the space is quite small – for instance, if you have a low ceiling – you will be able to create a great bedroom with bohemian floor beds. It is certainly worth installing some nice LED bedroom lighting to compliment the decor. This can really make quite the impression on your guests.

Home Office

Whether you are self-employed, freelance or have a job where you sometimes need to work outside of the usual business hours, having a home office can provide you with an ideal space to concentrate. It will allow you to create a decent working environment within your home so as to not be distracted. Your loft could become the perfect home office with a conversion. It’s removed from the rest of the house so it’s quiet, and it probably has enough space for everything you might need.

Teenager’s Room

As children grow into teenagers they may outgrow their bedrooms in both a literal and metaphorical way. They may want some extra space to do the things they enjoy, and they may want to have some more privacy than their current surroundings afford should they wish to invite friends over. A loft conversion can create the perfect stylish teen nook where they can watch TV, play games, listen to music or (probably not) study in quiet.

Home Gym

Gym memberships, year or year, can become a substantial expense. It’s arguably cheaper in the long run to convert your loft into a home gym where you can work out in private, at your own leisure and whenever the urge strikes. Opening the space will allow you to bring in whatever gym equipment you enjoy.